Bradley Whitman Gives Rachel Ford The Big Pole

Bradley Whitman returns for his third scene with the lovely, GORGEOUS, and now seasoned veteran on HotGuysFuck, Rachel Ford. Rachel loves our hot stud male talent and just keeps coming back for more! These two really make a HOT pair.

Bradley and Rachel Ford are freaky and up for anything. They start getting hot and heavy in the bathroom with some foreplay. After plenty of sensual kisses… Bradley Whitman just can’t wait to get that big cock out of his pants to show Rachel. When she sets eyes on Brad’s pole, she simply can’t resist and immediately drops to her knees to show her appreciation for that big dick.

Rachel Ford sucks a mean cock and to show his appreciation, Bradley tosses Rachel up on the counter top and eats her pussy till she is moaning to take her to the bed to fuck the shit out of her. Once on the bed, they both let their inner freaks out. Don’t miss this scene!

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